Mullen Lintas

Who We Are

The already hyper-fragmented agency landscape in India does not need another niche player that does a few things well. With the pedigree of Lintas, and a globally acclaimed operating model of Mullen; Mullen Lintas aims to be a top agency in India.

Big brands need both depth of domain expertise and width of capabilities and shouldn’t have to choose one for the other. With only a handful of agencies capable of offering both depth and width, to a scale that a top brand needs, Mullen Lintas is here to offer big | ambitious brands a choice beyond the top 3 agencies.

Our advantage vs. the big 3 is the fact that we are born in 2015. Big agencies are today, dealing with the new marketing landscape and adapting their offerings to it. We are a product of the evolving marketing landscape, the fact that we have no baggage allows us to leap-frog this need to change and adapt. We understand that a great brand needs a great narrative that flows seamlessly through screens, experiences, shopping environments and conversations. We are equipped to put brands at the centre of the touch-point universe.

Mullen Lintas is born ahead of the curve and intends to remain a mashup of the enduring and the emerging. Our founding team has the pedigree and the class of massive brand-successes under their belt. We intend to partner brands whose reality or ambitions are driven by a passionate pursuit of leadership.

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