Leading industrial engineering group, Kirloskar Group has been a silent yet successful enterprise touching the lives of many Indians every day. The brand is salient, and awareness about the group is quite high. However, what is not so well known is the fact that the brand touches our lives and it makes the world a comfortable place to live.

Almost all the Kirloskar products are intermediate products and hence one never gets to see them in action. And when they work silently and reliably, one does not even notice their existence. However, the wide range of engineering products by Kirloskar play an integral part in everyone’s life.

To communicate this thought, an ‘Omnipresent’ campaign was run last year which showed how Kirloskar touches one’s life at different stages, silently and reliably. Enhancing this thought further, Lowe Lintas, Pune conceived another campaign that communicates how it brings joy and enriches lives across customer segments. The campaign has been developed based on the insight that when you work silently and reliably behind the scenes, the only recognition that you get is the ‘smile of joy’ that you bring. Thus the campaign idea of ‘Reverse Chain of Smiles’ was born.