Planning a proposal or celebrating a milestone anniversary is no mean feat. Continuing to express one’s love for your better half, despite the numerous arguments along the way, is not easy either. In Tanishq’s inimitable style, the brand has launched its latest film that celebrates a couple’s marital journey over a decade and another couple taking the big plunge with Tanishq Solitaires.

The film by Lowe Lintas Bangalore revolves around a modern-day couple, who are heading out to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The film showcases how easy it is for the man to pour his heart out about his wife’s tiny quirks that annoy him. Yet, when it comes to expressing his love for her, he is tongue-tied. He then hands her a stunning solitaire ring by Tanishq, which truly expresses his love for her. While a couple may have their fair share of ups and downs, they continue to celebrate their love in small ways. Through this film, Tanishq encourages couples to celebrate their special bond with a Tanishq Solitaire.