GolinOpinion helps position Tata Starbucks as a thought leader during COVID-19 Posted on

Tata Starbucks is India’s leading coffee chain with 185 stores spanning across 11 cities. Starbucks globally, has a high recall value as a company with an empathetic voice during sensitive times. Navigating the global pandemic in India, in a compelling manner that reflected the brand’s core values; and showcasing a company that places a high priority on customers, partners and communities was the key task for GolinOpinion as agency partner for Tata Starbucks.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in India, Tata Starbucks was quick to think on its feet deploying a range of preventive measures for customer in-store and communicating these messages on point. However, GolinOpinion’s larger aim and strategy was to also position Tata Starbucks as an employee’s brand, in times where businesses are witnessing multiple layoffs.   To ensure scale and the right visibility for the brand, impactful stories focusing on Tata Starbucks’ core messaging of ‘partner care’ were strategically published across the Indian media.  At the onset, an exclusive announcement was released, with a newswire, quoting CEO Navin Gurnaney, enumerating measures instilled by the company to navigate the crisis during lockdown.

A second announcement followed, zooming in on Tata Starbucks post lockdown strategy. This maverick move included India’s first drive-thru, pre-order app feature and contactless home deliveries. You could almost hear customers heave a sigh of relief- and gratitude.

Through these layered media outreaches, the agency ignited a heightened narrative around the brand and its future forward strategies.

Post the initial announcements, GolinOpinion handpicked few high-profile media interviews for the spokesperson, which included prime time live interviews with India’s leading electronic channels, prominent financials and radio channels. The objective behind this approach was a wider impact and reach.  The unique texture of the brand imbued through the messages during each interview- a fostering employer and active humanitarian brand, united globally to find win- wins to COVID-19.

GolinOpinion further extended the brand messaging through media interviews with leading advertising and marketing media for Deepa Krishnan – Head of Marketing, who spoke of purpose driven communication driving the future of all marketing initiatives.

Achieving a PR Value of over USD 1 Million and generating an 18 Million reach across platforms over the course of two months, major national awareness was generated.  The agency was able to highlight positive initiatives and achieve the right positioning for the brand spokespeople.

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