Lowe Lintas Unveils Exclusive Campaign for Dosti 1 Mumbai with Superstar Anil Kapoor

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Mumbai, 5th September 2023 — Lowe Lintas Mumbai, one of India’s foremost creative agencies, proudly unveils an innovative advertising campaign in partnership with Dosti Realty for their latest masterpiece, the Dosti 1 Mumbai project. This campaign, featuring the charismatic Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor, aims to cast a spotlight on the unparalleled amenities, connectivity, and opulence that define Dosti 1 Mumbai as the ultimate choice for discerning homebuyers in Mumbai.

The inclusion of Anil Kapoor in the campaign not only adds a touch of glamour but also enhances its relatability. Kapoor’s association with the project resonates with the values of excellence, quality, and aspiration that Dosti Realty embodies. His magnetic persona effortlessly connects with the audience, making the campaign not just visually captivating but also deeply relatable.

Sharing his thoughts on this collaboration, Kapoor expressed, “Just as I strive to deliver memorable performances, Dosti Realty endeavours to create living spaces that leave an indelible mark on residents’ lives. This partnership transcends mere collaboration. I appreciate the refreshing approach taken in crafting the content for the Dosti 1 Mumbai campaign, which offers a unique perspective on real estate and is certain to resonate with homebuyers. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process, and I am confident that Dosti Realty’s customers will instantly relate to my role, as I portray myself as an enthusiastic admirer of the new No.1 in town – Dosti 1 Mumbai.”

Commenting on the campaign, Anuj Goradia, Director of Dosti Realty, added, “Our mission was to create an exciting opportunity for homebuyers across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region to become a part of this grand township project. I am extremely pleased with the distinctive campaign that has emerged from our partnership with Lowe Lintas, our strategic marketing and sales partner, The Guardians Real Estate Advisory, and our enduring brand ambassador, Anil Kapoor. I believe this campaign will establish new standards in the real estate sector.”

Likhit Pamarti, CMO of The Guardians Real Estate Advisory, expressed his pride in facilitating the collaboration between Lowe Lintas Mumbai, Anil Kapoor, and Dosti Realty. He stated, “The Guardians aims to make a significant impact in the real estate arena with the launch of Dosti 1 Mumbai. To achieve this, we embarked on creating a bold campaign that celebrates the emotions of homebuyers, reaching across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region with a well-planned media blitz. We relied on Anil Kapoor’s timeless charisma to infuse an effortless sense of trust and reliability into the campaign, aligning perfectly with Dosti Realty’s long-standing image of trust and transparency cultivated over several decades. I am delighted to say that the campaign has shaped up beautifully, and I am confident that the launch of Dosti 1 Mumbai will be a resounding success.”

The Dosti 1 Mumbai advertising campaign is poised to make a significant impact across various media platforms, including print, radio, digital, and outdoor advertising.

With an illustrious portfolio of successful projects, Dosti Realty has once again raised the bar with Dosti 1 Mumbai. The collaboration with Lowe Lintas Mumbai has resulted in an advertising campaign that masterfully captures the essence of Dosti 1 Mumbai’s unique offerings. The multi-film campaign showcases the diverse amenities that Dosti 1 Mumbai has to offer. This meticulously planned project, spanning approximately 125 acres, will be developed in strategic phases and is designed by the world-renowned architect, Hafeez Contractor. Its strategic location ensures that residents can savor a seamless urban lifestyle.

Sharing the enthusiasm on the launch, Sagar Kapoor, CCO, Lowe Lintas said “When we received the brief from Dosti. It was very clear from day one to us that the Dosti 1 Mumbai is one of its kind and a unique project. The challenge therefore for us was to derive a campaign which would break the clutter in the category and something that people are not used to seeing. With Anil Kapoor the campaign development therefore became a lot more interesting for us. As it allowed us to conceive the idea that made it seamless to connect both Anil Kapoor and Dosti 1 Mumbai as both have the unique qualities and offering to the consumers and viewers.”