Lowe Lintas has unveiled a new campaign around the concept of Idea Internet Network (IIN) that captures the sentiments prevailing among the youth of today. The insight stems from the fact that India today is replete with stories of successful young people. And most of these success stories are coming against all odds. Limitations like lack of funds, time or even education isn’t dampening the spirits of these successful individuals. They always find out a way to navigate around their problems and reach their destination.

The new campaign brings forth such stories of achievement that have been made possible through IIN. At IIN, anyone can learn anything and being educated is not necessarily a pre-requisite for it. Moreover, for a nation that is obsessed with “education” and “degrees” it takes the need away from them and instead focuses on “learning” and not just studying.

The campaign depicts a young lad who seems dejected as he fails to get admission in IIT. Already feeling let down, his grievance gets piled up by his unapologetic father who prods him to join him in his baking business. Left with no choice, the young lad joins his father in running the business at the bakery. But while doing that, he continues his quest for gaining knowledge – an act that he gets done seamlessly by using his mobile phone. To such an extent that he ends up devising his own invention – a drone – to deliver goods to his bakery. Seeing this invention, his father goes dumbstruck and is left almost shaken. The son credits IIN for helping him arrive at the invention. In fact this unique achievement gets picked up by the outside world in a big way and results in the young lad being invited to present his case to the world.