LinConsult is the strategic consulting division of MullenLowe Lintas Group. Its innovative problem-solving approach has found favour with some of the most powerful brands in the country today. Over the years, LinConsult has perfected skills in using data analytics to leverage the information available in today’s hyper-connected world. By marrying this with its customized proprietary toolkit and processes, the division has been rendering effective solutions to its clients on an ongoing basis.

Services We Offer

The solutions offered by LinConsult include:

  • 12 to 24 – In this age of rapid technological change aimed at the young consumers, newer means of communication, engagement, news consumption and even commerce are being adopted. LinConsult helps create a better understanding of the effect that this phenomenon has on brands and on the brand’s relationship with the consumer.
  • A Brand’s Why – Companies have come to accept that a brand with a strong sense of purpose is more attractive to its customers, employees and suppliers. And that people buy from businesses that are perceived to be driven by higher motives than merely profit. LinConsult helps identify what exactly consumers buy into, when they buy.
  • CEO Partnerships – Behind some of the greatest brand ideas, is the story of the person who had the ability to recognize the idea and the belief to back it, at its inception. LinConsult works with CEOs and key stakeholders to guide them on this journey of empowerment.

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